What’s New for CinCityCon 2018

New and Improved

Oh, so much is new this year!

While this is not a comprehensive list, here are some of the new things we are doing to make CinCityCon 2018  the best and friendliest game convention in the nation.

New Space (kind of)

Ok, we are still at the Sharonville Convention Center, but we decided we needed more space.  So we are moving upstairs this year.  This will allow us to put all the gaming in a single hall.  As with last year, vendors will be located around the perimeter.  The RPG games will be located at the north end of the hall with the stage located at the south end by concessions.  Oh yes, concessions will be accessible from directly in the hall!  In addition to the main hall, we have four large rooms where you will find the Ginormous Library, Artemis Starship Simulator, LaserTag and the Grail Games Lounge.  More on each of these to come.

New Events

Wait, you’re saying, did we say Laser Tag?  Sure did.  We are partnering with Scallywag Tag to bring a portable laser tag set to the convention.  Play as many times as you like and it should be a blast.

We are also expanding our offering for Artemis so that even more can play their favorite role on an imperiled spaceship.

Crokinole Tournament.  As part of our collaboration with Envoy, we are adding Crokinole throughout the weekend as well as a tournament for our most dedicated fans.

New Vendors

Not only are many of last year’s totally awesome vendors coming back, but we have already signed 3 brand new vendors for this year with more to come.

Expanded Library

We didn’t think it would be possible, but we did it anyway.  The library will be very close to 2000 games this year.  And we’re always looking for suggestions for new titles!


But wait, there’s more…

Or, there soon will be.  This is just a preliminary list of all the amazing new things you can expect at CinCityCon 2018.  Keep in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter and here for all the latest.

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