Boardgame and RPG Convention
Boardgame and RPG Convention
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What is CinCityCon?

CinCityCon is a fantastic weekend of gaming for everyone. We focus on Board Games, Card Games and Role-Playing Games, but offer so much more. Here are the highlights.

Board Games

Last year we offered over 100 different scheduled board and card game opportunities most hosted by our guests. These included more than 25 tournaments ranging from our Catan National Qualifying Tournament, to game company sponsored tournaments, to our own little con exclusives. If you are interested in running games at CinCityCon, please contact us at

In addition to scheduled gaming, we also offer scores of tables for Open Play. Just sit down with your friends and your games and have a good time. Don’t have a game? Check out the over 2000 games available from the Ginormous Library. Short a player? Grab one of our Players Wanted signs and make new friends.

Role-Playing Games

This year we move the role-playing games into their own dedicated hall. We will have over 30 tables for RPGs and over 150 events for you to choose from. Look for popular games such as Pathfinder, D&D Adventurer’s League, D&D 5th edition, Classic Role-playing Games, Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun, and much more. Shout out to our friends at The RPG Academy and Acadecon who will be bringing many of their often custom games and scenarios as well.

Other Games

In addition to these main areas, we also offer a live action walk through adventure that requires no experience in advance. We will also be giving focus to the annual Hot Games of 2019. And of course don’t miss our giant group teach where we will teach 30-50 people how to play a popular game at the same time.


At CinCityCon, we believe no convention is complete without Cosplay. We will have a formal contest on Saturday afternoon with prizes for all levels of Cosplay experience. You don’t have to play though to sit and enjoy some amazing costume work. Or, feel free to just come in casual costume and add to the festivities.

Game Designers

CinCityCon is proud to host its annual game design contest. Designers will submit their work in the weeks leading up to the convention. Finalists will be selected to present their games before a panel of expert judges with the winner being available for all to see on Sunday.


CinCityCon is different than other conventions. We try and get you as close to vendors as possible. Therefore our vendors are positioned around the perimeter of the main gaming hall  right where you are playing. No wandering to a different venue or getting their just as the doors lock up. Additionally, our entrepreneurs, smaller companies and creatives will have tables along the main concourse just past registration.

Flea Market & Game Swap

The CinCityCon Flea Market has grown into one of the most fun events we have. it is a great opportunity to get rid of games that have fallen out of favor and pick up new ones to fall in love with. Starting in 2019, the Flea Market is the exclusive location to pick up surplus games from the Ginormous Library.


Saturday Night is party time! Join us for a great time at our Saturday party where we will have original social games, adult beverages and grand old time. This is the highlight of the show for many of the guests and definitely for your convention hosts!

Family Day

Sunday is family day. Our outstanding libraries will provide guidance in picking games for all ages and help you build gaming as a way for the family to bond together.