Welcome to CinCityCon!

Tom Cleaver

The Big Day (actually weekend) is here.  Inconceivable!!!!!

We are very excited about our Second Annual CinCityCon 2018!  It is bigger and better than last year, if you can believe it.

If you have any questions, please ask at registration or GM HQ.  If you have any concerns, find Greg, Chris or Travis.  Staff will usually have an idea where one of us is.

If you are having a good time, please let your friends know on Facebook and Twitter! …  #CinCityCon2018

Food – the convention center will have food options at their snack bar and state they will offer something new each day. In addition, at registration, we have menus from our favorite restaurants in the area like Roosters Wings (YUM) only 10 minutes away, Roc-A-Fellas Pizza (Delicious) which delivers, and Jim Dandy’s BBQ (Excellent) just literally down the street.  Please note, the convention center does not allow outside food into the center. I would just eat it outside, if I were you or eat it at the Hyatt Hotel.

Please be nice and courteous to everyone.  Everyone is a volunteer, except Greg, Chris, Travis, Larry and Rob.  Even our directors are volunteers. CinCityCon strives to be a safe space for everyone and we welcome a very diverse crowd.

So Party On!  We will!

BTW, that is a random attendee pic. It features Tom Cleaver, attendee and awesome Game Designer (Valley of the Kings Series, way fun!).  He just looked Welcomey! (yes that is a word we just invented) and we want you to feel welcomey.

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