Boardgame and RPG Convention
Boardgame and RPG Convention

Welcome to CinCityCon 2019!!!!

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CinCityCon is officially open! And we cannot tell you how glad we are that you came to join us. This is going to be an amazing year. We had as many people pre-register as came all of last year, so this will obviously be our biggest year yet (and growing). You will notice some big changes, including:

  • RPGs are in their own halls this year next to the Library.
  • What was the Grail Games Lounge is now the Sanctuary, available for private gaming (and guaranteed seating).
  • Our LARP event (Ooops, I lost My Marble) is now downstairs at the convention center.
  • The Miniatures Hall is now over in the Hyatt.

Plus some changes to how we do things:

  • A central HQ in the Main Hall covering events, GMs, volunteers and cosplay. basically, if you have any questions or concerns, you can start here.
  • We now require all event participants* to register either online or with a generic token (this helps us know which events are most popular and reward our GMs most effectively).
  • Streamlined (hopefully) registration process with clearer lines.
  • Happy Hour over at the Hyatt before the Saturday Party.
  • A CinCityCon 2020 booth with additional information on changes for next year (e.g., we are adding a whole additional ballroom), opportunities to volunteer or become a GM, a place to pose your own questions or suggestions.

CinCityCon is a volunteer driven organization and is made possible by the year-round efforts of just a couple dozen people. We sincerely hope we have put together an incredible show for you. And we want you to have fun and have an amazing time.

– Greg, Chris, Rob, Larry, Travis, Jessie and the whole CinCityCon team

*Sponsored events are supported by the publisher or other sponsor and do not require paid registration or tokens.

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