Vendor Guidelines & FAQ

Please find answers to common questions about Vending at CInCityCon 2018 below.  If you have any questions or concerns, you may address them to the CInCityCon Vending Coordinator, Travis Reynolds.  Travis will be on-site at the show and is hard to miss.  If you have any questions related to events during the convention, loading, unloading, teardown, electric, and actual usage of space, please contact Travis at If you have any questions about you bill, sponsorship, promotion of your product or business, or cannot reach Travis, you can contact Chris at

Most of this information is geared toward vendors in the main hall.  If you are an entrepreneur, please read the special Entrepreneur questions.

Obtaining a Space
Arrival and Setup
Show Rules
Breakdown and Departure
Special Entrepreneur Questions


Obtaining a Space

How many vending spaces are available?

There are 24 Exhibitor Spaces located in the main event hall, including 2 oversized spaced to allow demos. Each of the smaller halls which will host special events and activities such as Artemis, Laser Tag and the library will have at least one space available as well. 14 Entrepreneur Spaces are located in open areas and hallways near to general activities such as registration and concessions.

All of these spaces are Sold Out!

What is the difference between an Exhibitor Space and an Entrepreneur Space?

Exhibitor Spaces are an 8 x 8 space located within the main convention hall with maximum access to attendees.  They provide proximity to gaming areas including tournaments, RPGs, and other events. Vendors in exhibitor spaces are free to sell products, offer demonstrations, run games, host drawings or any number of other activities.

Select Exhibitor Spaces will be available in the other halls for matching specific vendors with specific activities.  For instance, one of the other halls will house Artemis and and other computer-based activities.  Because this is not central to the activities of our convention, most vendors would not see an advantage to being in this hall.  However, a designer of game programs and apps may choose to have their Exhibit Space in this hall or even sponsor this hall (see below).

Entrepreneur Spaces are offered for smaller companies, new game designers, and artists.  These spaces are located in the hallways, and as a result the cost is less.  Due to their location, the spaces are also limited to the area immediately around their table.  This arrangement is ideal for certain artistic products or for demonstrating a smaller game.

Exhibitor spaces come with two weekend badges included.  Entrepreneur spaces do not include any badges.

Can I see where the spaces are located?

Yes, see the attached images of the convention center and of the main event hall. In the main hall, the red areas mark rough estimates of where vendor spaces will be and are subject to change in order to provide the best experience for all guests of CinCityCon. The spaces in the other halls and the Entrepreneur space locations will not be finalized until closer to the show.

How are vending spaces assigned?

CinCityCon takes several factors into consideration in assigning spaces. Space assignment is ultimately based on what contributes most to the overall positive experience of the show.  Requests for specific or general locations are welcome. However, priority will be given based in part on each of the following factors:

  • If the Vendor is also an event sponsor,
  • If the Vendor has attended in previous years,
  • The need to have multiple contiguous spaces,
  • Proximity to events being sponsored by the Vendor.
  • Specific requests of the vendor.

Are there any restrictions on how I use my space?

Not many.  Within the confines of your space you are free to set up whatever displays and equipment you need provided you do so in a safe manner.  You may not adhere anything to the walls or hang things from the ceiling.  If you have presentation needs of this sort, you may make separate arrangements with the convention center.

You will also have access to a single outlet for any simple electricity needs.  If you have extensive display cases or greater electrical needs, please notify us so we can help negotiate with the convention center.

What sponsorship opportunities are available?

Show sponsorships are available up to the Diamond Level during and after our Kickstarter campaign (now concluded). Show sponsors will be included in advertisements of the show on our webpage, convention program, as well as promotion on our Facebook page.  Additional targeted sponsorship opportunities are available for show lanyards and VIP bags as well as for special event areas such as the library. Please contact us for more information about becoming a sponsor.


Arrival and Setup

Do Vendors get Special Rates for Lodging?

If you let the LivINN Hotel know that you are a CinCityCon Vendor, we have arranged a special vendor rate with them for $79, which is $10 less than our attendee block rate.  Their phone number is (513) 772- 7877.  We have special rates at the Hyatt too, but nothing extra for vendors.  Their CinCityCon rate is $105 and the phone number is (513) 771- 1710.

Where do I go when I arrive in order to unload my materials?

The convention center has four loading docks and a large dock area around the back of the building.  ALL UNLOADING MUST BE DONE IN THIS AREA.  The convention center has nice tiles at the entrance which cannot take the weight of many materials.  Anyone, who brings in their materials in any other way without approval from the vending coordinator runs the risk of being banned by the convention center.

When will I be able to start setting up?

Officially, the Convention Center opens at 9am on Friday morning.  However, we are usually able to get into the building as early as 7am.  If there is nothing else going on in the building on Thursday, we will request early load in be allowed.  The convention center typically will not know if they can permit this until one week before the show.  Once we have that information, we will forward it to you immediately.

When do I need to have my booth open and ready for customers?

Vending hours are as follows:

  • Friday, 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM
  • Saturday, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM*
  • Sunday, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

All vendors are required to be open during these hours unless prior arrangements have been made with the vending coordinator.

* While vendors are not required to be open past 6:00 pm, vendors are welcome to be open anytime the convention center is open.  Last year most vendors stayed open until at least 8:00 pm and we are letting our attendees know this.

You are welcome to be open for additional hours either earlier on Friday (the show opens at noon) or in the evenings.

How will my booth and materials be secured?

Because we put vendors directly in the main hall of the convention, there is not a separate hall to lock.  The convention center itself is locked from midnight to 7am and no one is admitted during those hours.  We will not request the main hall be unlocked until between 8am and 9am in the morning. You are responsible for the security of your materials in all other respects!

What do I do if I do not want to keep my booth open until midnight?

Most vendors will not keep their booth open the entire time that the convention center is open.  If you request, CinCityCon will provide you with white sheets to cover your booth and materials to indicate that your booth is closed.  Please, DO NOT CLOSE YOUR BOOTH DURING VENDING HOURS. CinCityCon staff and volunteers are instructed to notify con organizers of any questionable activity.  However, they are not security experts.  If you have concerns for any material, you are advised to keep it under your own supervision, remove it from the building when you cannot do that or, for portable items, ask the vending coordinator if you can have it locked away temporarily.


Show Rules

May I sell food and/or drink at my booth?

Any request to sell food or drink must be approved in advance by the Convention Center and CinCityCon.  Failure to comply could result in your being banned from any future events at the convention center.  Therefore, please contact CinCityCon as soon as possible if you plan to sell food or drink.

May I post a sign for my booth?

You have a great deal of freedom when it comes to how you setup and use your booth during the show. Here are a few guidelines:

  • Do not attach anything to the ceiling or walls of the convention center.
  • Do not block or otherwise inhibit another vendors ability to use their space or unreasonably obstruct lines of sight.
  • Do not block walkways.
  • Do not do anything that might introduce unnecessary, unforeseeable or unexpected risk to others such as displays at risk of falling over.
  • Do check with the vending coordinator if you have any questions, concerns, doubts, or existential crises.

Are there any restrictions on my signage or materials on site?

CinCityCon reserves the right to restrict any material which is contrary to the aims of the show.  This includes but is not limited to materials which:

  • Are inappropriate for a general audience,
  • Might be hurtful or offensive to show attendees or staff,
  • Are of an overtly political nature,
  • Are contrary to the values of the show,
  • Promote an outside commercial activity with which CinCityCon does not have a pre-existing relationship.

Please just follow common sense rules.  CinCityCon has never in the past had to restrict any vendors materials and we do not anticipate having to do so in the future.

Is electric provided?

CinCityCon has negotiated with the convention center to ensure that basic power is available to all of our vendors.  You can take that to mean one outlet available for lights, illuminated signs or phone chargers.  You should bring your own cords, power strips, etc. if you require power.  Please notify us if you need more than basic power, as we must make arrangements with the convention center.  If you show up on site with more than basic power needs, we may not be able to provide those and you run the risk of making power something that must be purchased in the future.


Breakdown and Departure

I have a long way to travel, may I start breakdown early?

No. Vendor spaces are in high demand and sell out well before the show.  It is disrespectful to those who were not able to get a space and to show attendees to start your breakdown early.  Please build this into your plans for travel.  If you have special needs, please contact the vending coordinator.

Where can I load up as I leave?

The convention center has four loading docks available.  However, please be aware that there will be a large toy show in the convention center at the same time.  Our vending coordinator will attempt to work with that show to split the use of the loading docks to ensure speedy loading for everyone.

Will I be able to leave my truck / trailer at the dock while I bring multiple loads to the docks?

No.  The convention center has a large dock area.  Therefore you should breakdown all of your materials and move them to the dock area.  Once all of your materials is ready to load you may bring your truck / trailer up to the dock.  We request that you load as quickly as possible and then make way for the next person.


Special Entrepreneur Questions

Do the loading and unloading requirements apply to me?

Yes and no.  You will have a table waiting for you in the concourse area.  If your materials can be carried by a single individual in one or multiple trips you may load or unload however is most convenient for you.  However, if your materials require the use of a rolling cart or similar device, you must still load and unload through the docks.

What hours do I have to keep my booth open?

Entrepreneurs are not restricted in their hours and may keep their tables open as best fits their schedule.

Who will watch over my table?

You are solely responsible for the security of your materials.  You will be located in an open hallway which may see significant traffic, therefore we encourage you to take this into consideration in planning your use of the table.

Will I have power?

As this is a hallway, electric cannot be guaranteed.  If you bring extension cords and whatever else you need, we will try to work with you to get you power provided it can be done in a safe way that is permissible to the convention center.

Are there other requirements I should know about?

Remember that entrepreneur spaces do not come with Event Badges.  All attendees must wear a badge at all times.  Therefore if you or any of your staff have not purchased badges by the time of the show, you will be asked to go to registration to purchase one.

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