Vending FAQ

How many vending spaces are available?

There are 21 Exhibitor Spaces located in the main event hall. Each of the smaller halls which will host special events and activities such as Artemis, Laser Tag and the library will have at least one space available as well. 8 Entrepreneur Spaces will be located in open areas and hallways near to general activities such as registration and concessions.

What is the difference between an Exhibitor Space and an Entrepreneur Space?

Exhibitor Spaces are an 8 x 8 space located within the main convention hall with maximum access to attendees.  They provide proximity to gaming areas including tournaments, RPGs, and other events. Vendors in exhibitor spaces are free to sell products, offer demonstrations, run games, host drawings or any number of other activities.

Select Exhibitor Spaces will be available in the other halls for matching specific vendors with specific activities.  For instance, one of the other halls will house Artemis and and other computer-based activities.  Because this is not central to the activities of our convention, most vendors would not see an advantage to being in this hall.  However, a designer of game programs and apps may choose to have their Exhibit Space in this hall of even sponsor this hall (see below).

Entrepreneur Spaces are offered for smaller companies, new game designers, and artists.  These spaces are located in the hallways, and as a result the cost is less.  Due to their location, the spaces are also limited to the area immediately around their table.  This arrangement is ideal for certain artistic products or for demonstrating a smaller game.

Can I see where the spaces are located?

Yes, see the attached images of the convention center and of the main event hall. In the main hall, the red areas mark rough estimates of where vendor spaces will be and are subject to change in order to provide the best experience for all guests of CinCityCon. The spaces in the other halls and the Entrepreneur space locations will not be finalized until closer to the show.

How are vending spaces assigned?

CinCityCon takes several factors into consideration in assigning spaces. Space assignment is ultimately based on what contributes most to the overall positive experience of the show.  Requests for specific or general locations are welcome. However, priority will be given based in part on each of the following factors:

  • If the Vendor is also an event sponsor,
  • If the Vendor has attended in previous years,
  • The need to have multiple contiguous spaces,
  • Proximity to events being sponsored by the Vendor.
  • Specific requests of the vendor.

Are there any restrictions on how I use my space?

Not many.  Within the confines of your space you are free to set up whatever displays and equipment you need provided you do so in a safe manner.  You may not adhere anything to the walls or hang things from the ceiling.  If you have presentation needs of this sort, you may make separate arrangements with the convention center.

You will also have access to a single outlet for any simple electricity needs.  If you have extensive display cases or greater electrical needs, please notify us so we can help negotiate with the convention center.

What sponsorship opportunities are available?

Show sponsorships are available up to the Diamond Level during and after our Kickstarter campaign. Show sponsors will be included in advertisements of the show on our webpage, convention program, as well as promotion on our Facebook page.  Additional targeted sponsorship opportunities are available for show lanyards and VIP bags as well as for special event areas such as the library. Please contact us for more information about becoming a sponsor.

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