Boardgame and RPG Convention
Boardgame and RPG Convention


Yes, CinCityCon continues to be a sponsor and preliminary for the North American Catan Championship. The tournament will be on Sunday at 10, however to play in the tournament you must first qualify by winning a game of Catan:


We will also have the following State Championships sponsored by Envoy:

  • Diamonds (16 players)
  • Coup (16 players)
  • Wordsy (16 players)
  • SHOBU (12 players)
  • ICECOOL (16 players)
  • Pyramid Poker (12 players)
  • New York Slice (16 players)
  • Skull King (16 players)
  • Dimension (16 players)

Our remaining tournaments will look something like this:

  • Kingdomino. 1p-3p
  • Ticket to Ride New York. 3p-5p
  • Splendor. 11a-12p
  • Ticket to Ride. 1p-4p
  • Quest for El Dorado. 4p-6p
  • Sorry Sliders. 9a-11a
  • Looping Louie.  11a-12p
  • Crokinole.  1p-3p