Sunday Focus: Tournaments


CinCityCon and our partners are offering 38(!) different tournaments this year.  You can find a complete list here:

Every single winner of a CinCityCon tournament will be recognized in our Hall of Fame and listed on our Web site year in and year out. Additionally, starting this year those winners who have created IDs on our Web site will be awarded with the Tournament Winner micro badge.

Catan at Lexicon

Each tournament comes with its own unique prizes. Here are just some examples:

  • The Catan winner qualifies for the National tournament and receives a prize package with a half dozen items in it.
  • State Tournament Winners (courtesy of Envoy) will qualify for Regional Tournaments
  • The Dwarven Smithy winner receives a deluxe edition of the game.
  • All winners of CInCityCon tournaments receive trophies to take home.

CrokinoleOther tournaments include:

And many more.  So whether you want to win great prizes, get your name recognized for all eternity, or just have a load of fun, sign up for your favorite tournament today!

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