Dog Might builds high quality custom tabletop gaming hardware. From Deck Boxes to Dice Towers, each piece is created on site in our woodshop in Michigan by our devoted team of craftsman.  They will have vending tables at CinCityCon.  You can see their great work here.

Cohio home of the fantastic card game Battle Blakes!  In Battle Blakes, each player will use a Character (an imaginary version of Blake) for the game. You will be playing various types of cards to affect either your own stats (Verbal Assault, Tough Skin, Wit) or your opponents’ stats. The goal is to destroy the other players’ (Blakes’) Self-Esteem becoming the one true Blake.

Envoy creates a unifying structure that will connect game companies, customers, game masters, conventions and gaming groups.  Envoy sponsors a good portion of our Play to Win Event.  Thanks Envoy!

Minion Games home of great games like The Manhattan Project, The Manhattan Project 2: Minutes to Midnight, Nile deLuxor Card Game.

Roc-A-Fellas Pizza delicious pizza right in Sharonville, 6 minutes from the convention center, YUM!  Call (513) 769-3128 to order you delicious pizza!

Looney Labs home of Fluxx with many different flavors like Oz, Monty Python, Pirate and Zombie to name a few, as well as Looney Pyramids, Chrononuats, and Loonacy.

AcadeCon is a 3-day gaming convention at the Dayton Convention Center, in Dayton, Ohio, on the weekend of Veterans day: November 10th – 12th, 2017. AcadeCon is specifically designed to be a smaller, non-traditional convention.  You can find more information here.

Queen Games host of great games like Amerigo, Kingdom Builder, Alhambra, Metro, Captain Silver, and their newest hit game Immortals.

Roosters delicious wings and sports bar.  A Fun, Casual Joint!  Roosters is close by at 12120 Springfield Pike.  You can even order ahead of time at: (513) 671-1179

Steve Jackson Games have great games like Munchkin with a great amount of variations, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Boardgame, Mars Attacks, GURPS, and Zombie Dice.  You can play their games at CinCityCon throughout the weekend.

LexiCon Tabletop Gaming Convention is April 20 to 22, 2018, in Lexington KY.  Known for their great social game parties sponsored by West Sixth Brewing, Ginormous Gaming Library of over 1,500 boardgames, lots of Play to Win Games and great RPGs!


Rivertown Brewery is part brewery, part lab exBEERiment, part gathering place, and part smokehouse, where research, innovation, quality and customer exBEERience are at the top of our priorities. We enjoy perfecting the science behind calculated fermentations and slow-smoked BBQ while also getting our funk on with unique BBQ applications and fermentations of the spontaneous and wild kind. We especially love the opportunity to wow our customers, guests, wholesalers and retailers with an exceptional exBEERience at every interaction, whether it be conversation, sip or bite.