Special CinCityCon Commemorative Glasses

Dwarven Woodworking

CinCityCon is excited to announce that we have partnered with Dwarven Woodworking to produce a CinCityCon commemorative glass.  Dwarven Woodworking is now taking pre-orders for these glasses which you will be able to pick up at the Dwarven Woodworking Booth at CinCityCon.  You must pre-order your glasses!  To place your order, please email info@dwarvenwoodworking.com.


Mug $15
Pint $10
Tumbler $5

Set of all three is $25

Check out more about Dwarven Woodworking at https://www.facebook.com/dwarvenwoodworking/.

CinCityCon Mug
Mug with Date
CinCityCon Mug with Date










CinCityCon Pint
Pint with Date
CinCityCon Pint with Date










CinCityCon Tumbler
Tumbler with Date
CinCityCon Tumbler with Date
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