Saturday Party Expanded!


Old Crow Karaoke ShowDue to higher demand than last year, our Saturday Party sold out earlier than we expected!  Which is good news for those of us going because it will be loads of fun.

BUT… It is bad news for those who planned to get tickets and missed their chance. So, we called an emergency meeting, consulted the bones, communed with the gods, and otherwise considered our options. And as a result, we are pleased to announce that we can have enough people to add 10 more available tickets for the party (and possibly more once we do some math).

The party includes:

  • a complementary beverage for all attendees,
  • a fun group game with our convention host Emery Buterbaugh,
  • lots of the best party games,
  • and of course, the Old Crow Karaoke Show!

So, if you didn’t know about the party, forgot about the party, or just waited too long. You have not missed your chance. Go ahead and register now while these few extra tickets last!

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