That’s right our exclusive Saturday Party is the highlight of the show.  We will relocate to the Hyatt Place (where we can have a private bar and stay up past midnight) to party down.

Right now the details are secret (well, they have been, but word keeps getting out!), but rest assured this is one of our favorite events as organizers.  We have one big event, play a lot of party games and generally just kick back.  And we would love for you to join us.

Additionally, we will have a number of events to help everyone warm up at the Hyatt before the party.  We will be hosting a special event with some of our attending artists in the Hyatt just outside the bar and the VIP room around dinner time.  At this event we will do our best to confuse and contort our artists and see what extraordinary creations we can make together.  Then, our resident musician, Roya, has agreed to bring her sing-a-long skills to the lounge area just outside the party where everyone can relax with a cocktail in an ensemble performance from Pokemon to Fraggles. The Hyatt bar will be open and the chairs will be comfy.

Old Crow Karaoke ShowPsst, the word also seems to have gotten out that Michael Mayne will be attending by special invitation and bringing his Old Crow Karaoke Show to the party. This event is a lot of fun for those who wish to participate and for those who wish to watch.

And for those who want nothing to do with it, Greg has some great new party games for the other side of the room.  🙂

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