Boardgame and RPG Convention
Boardgame and RPG Convention

Our Team

Greg Franseth, CinCityCon Executive Director.  Greg is a Co-Founder of CinCityCon and LexiCon and a Managing Partner.  Owner of a 1,700 plus boardgame library (it is what makes him so popular among the ladies)!  Greg is well known in the gaming community for his gaming expertise, as host of the former Boardgame PirateCast (podcast), being incredibly friendly, his love of trivia, and his willingness to give back to convention attendees. He also founded the Boardgame Enthusiasts of Lexington Meetup group, which now numbers 2,160 members.

Chris Grzywacz, CFO and Marketing Director for CinCityCon.  Chris is a founder of 9th Pawn Gaming, consisting of CinCityCon and LexiCon Boardgame and RPG Conventions and a Managing Partner for both.  Chris is known for his enjoyment of popular games and gaming conventions, his daughters who regularly dominate games they play, and his wife who thinks he is a Big Old Nerd (but not so big if you have seen him lately). He spends a lot of his free time working on CinCityCon and LexiCon, when he is not playing co-ops, deck builders, biking, or reading.

Larry Estep, Director – RPGs and Technology.  Larry, a partner in CinCityCon, loves tabletop gaming in all its forms. He began playing RPGs in the early 1980s, has made forays into miniatures gaming, and has become an avid fan of board games. The core of his regular gaming group has been together for over 30 years. Due to this, he hasn’t always gotten out as much as he likes, but he’s trying to correct that by working with CinCityCon (and LexiCon) where he coordinates RPG and miniature events.

Rob Slevin, Director of Tournaments and Gaming Events.  Rob, a partner in CinCityCon, enjoys Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.  Rob has been hard at work to grow the game events at CinCityCon. He has been working on building his personal library of games which he often shares at one of the many local gaming events he coordinates, and is known as the current face of the Boardgame Enthusiasts of Lexington (KY), a group started by Greg Franseth.  Rob has doubled the size of this already large Meetup!

Travis Reynolds, Director of Vending and Publisher Relations.  Travis, a partner in CinCityCon, is well known in the gaming community.  He heads up CharCon – Boardgames, RPGs, and Miniatures, in Charleston WV, now going on its 15th year!  He has also been a valuable source of information, since he has been running his own gaming con so long.  He also works for Queen games and spends time with his family (if he has any).

Jessie Dunne, Director of The Library. (yes, it is so large it needs its own director)!  Jessie has been volunteering with CinCityCon since the beginning and at LexiCon for at least 4 years.  She is an avid gamer and games frequently with her husband, daughter and son.  Stop by and say hi or ask for a game recommendation.  Jessie knows all!

Emery Buterbaugh, Emcee Extraordinaire.  Emery has been an active volunteer at CinCityCon and LexiCon for 5 conventions.  Wherever he goes you find laughter and happiness.  He hosts our parties, makes the announcements and generally makes the mood of the con Awesome.  He has just recently gotten into the gaming scene, but enjoys it immensely with his lovely wife and volunteer, Courtney Buterbaugh.

Mandy Johnson, Worker Placement Champion (aka Volunteer Coordinator). Mandy started as a volunteer at CinCityCon 2018 and refused to leave; fortunately, a spot opened up and she jumped at the opportunity. Lover of all things animal and boardgame related, her main gaming group these days consists mainly of her husband and daughter, and there is admittedly more collecting than playing. She excitedly looks forward to gathering with her fellow gaming geeks. If you’d like to learn more about getting involved with one of our conventions, just let her know!

Philippe Rigaud, Signage Coordinator and Assistant Librarian. When Phil moved to Cincinnati over five years ago, he quickly became involved in the local board game Meetup scene and in playtest nights with other area designers. He started working with the CinCityCon team as a volunteer shortly after it came to the area. During the convention he enjoys working in the library, where he can help attendees find new games they will love. He and his wife Erica are avid gamers who continue to share their passion for the hobby with friends and family!

Scott Cox, Schedule Master and Jack of All Trades.  Scott is in charge of our schedule and keeps the wheels going for CinCityCon (and LexiCon) and is most responsible for the 200 to 300 events that you will see.  So, when you need something done at CinCityCon, who you going to call?  (Scott is also an avid Ghostbuster and may be in costume sometime over the weekend).

Mary Stephens, Cosplay Coordinator.  Mary has been competing in cosplay for 6 years and has won numerous awards including best needlework, category firsts, best in shows, and multiple placements in the prestigious Crown Championship of Cosplay. She has well rounded skills and knowledge in many cosplay materials. She appears as a cosplay guest and helps coordinate and judge cosplay costume competitions, working alongside convention owners and some of the best cosplayers in the world in the process.

Paul Menzel, VAV – Very Awesome Volunteer.  Paul was one of the best volunteers we have had at CinCityCon (and LexiCon) and then he moved.  We all signed a petition, all 3,527 of us, and Paul moved back. Hooray! I am sure you will mostly see him at the library, but also pretty much anywhere we need help.  When it is nice out, you can see him driving around in his little convertible or biking.

Anne Amsden, Most Excellent Volunteer.  You may recognize Anne from LexiCon, where she coordinates our Cosplay (most Awesomely, thanks!).  She is coming up to help out in “anyway she can”.  We anticipate her having some awesome costumes over the weekend too!

Roberta Burnes, Our official “Learn to Play Queen” and Lexicon Ambassador.  Roberta comes and runs awesome games like Wingspan and Scythe (she loves a good Euro) at both CinCityCon and LexiCon and is a Stonemaier Ambassador (lucky us, they have great games).   She Totally ROCKS!

John Williams and Lonnie Barnett, Gamemaster Co-Coordinators. John and Lonnie have both been active in the gaming community for many years and involved in running cons long before CinCityCon came to town. Look for them both at HQ in the middle of the hall to answer any questions related to GM’ing.


There are many other volunteers that help keep CinCityCon afloat.  These are the people that working all weekend and several weeks, to several months, or even most of the year to bring you CinCityCon.  Thank you to everyone that makes CinCityCon possible.