New Player Friendly and *FREE events!


Double Tournament Announcement.

Learn to Play these Games while being in the tournament, New Players are strongly encouraged to enter, as well as experienced ones!  Wow, two great tournaments with awesome Prizes included(*with badge purchase)!!!  Winners are put in the CinCityCon Hall of Fame and you get great prizes!

–  Crokinole Learn to Play/Tournament – 10:00am Sat., will be taught while competing in the tournament (very easy to learn).  Crokinole a cunning game of physical skills where you attempt to score while knocking your opponent’s discs off the card table size board, with your own discs.  We are getting a Great Prize pack of 4 games from Mayday Games, sponsor of this most excellent tournament. Is Super Fun!

– Dwarven Smithy Learn to Play/Tournament Noon on Fri. and Noon on Sat., will be taught while competing in the tournament (easy to learn). Dwarven Smithy is a richly themed game of card crafting, tableau building, and hand/area management. Players take on the role of a Dwarven blacksmith gathering resources, training apprentices and crafting items in their workshop.  Get the most gold and Win a Deluxe Edition of Dwarven Smithy.

You can find more information about our Tournaments here:

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