Boardgame and RPG Convention
Boardgame and RPG Convention

New Attendees

New Attendees Suggested Itinerary

New CinCityCon Attendees Friendly Activities and Events. All of these events are included in the price of your badge and are New Comer Friendly! Events with an “*” will be added to our schedule and will have specific times. This includes the Envoy Tournaments, but you will have to look for each of these separately. The others are usually available whenever the convention is open.
Fri evening:
  • *The Big Game Teach. Learn a new game with 20 to 40 other people. 
  • *Werewolf.  Meet a bunch of new people and eat them or be eaten. Large Social Game that is taught to you before the game starts.


  • *Wits and Wagers Game with Eric (he is a lot of fun and friendly). A large team participation game that is very easy to learn.
  • Large *Code Names Game with Eric (see previous). A two-team based game that is very easy to learn.
  • *Cosplay Contest. Watch and/or participate with our own Mary Poppins. Its included with the cost of your badge, so you should check it out. Located on our stage in the ballroom.
  • CinCityCon Signature Adult Only Saturday Party. You come on in and we will entertain you for the evening. Beer is available for sale and we like to give out prizes. Some or our games maybe a little naughty, just a warning.
  • *Kids Cosplay Contest. These little ones are really cute. Enter your own kid or just watch the fun on stage.
  • *Crokinole Tournament. Game taught before Tournament, Family Friendly, easy to learn Flicking Game.
  • Game Demos by Local Game Designers. Located at the Entrance to the Ballroom. They are just itching to teach you a new game!
  • *Envoy Tournaments. 9 Games that are taught before the game starts. Most of these are very easy to learn.
  • Look through our CinCityCon Ginormous Boardgame and Card Game Library of over 2,000 games!
  • Check out a Play to Win game for a chance to win That Game. Drawings 
* Some of these events will be or are posted on the schedule. Some of them are available while the convention is open. If you need more information you can ask at Registration, Headquarters in the middle of the Ballroom, or someone wearing an Ask Me hat! Some of the events may end up on a different day. I would check the schedule to confirm in late Sept.