Boardgame and RPG Convention
Boardgame and RPG Convention
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New and Experienced Gamers Top 10

New to Boardgaming Conventions, CinCityCon, or Boardgaming in General?

Start here!

CinCityCon offers lots of gaming opportunities for the novice gamer. Make sure to visit:
  1. The Envoy Tournaments. They are included with your badge and they will teach you the game before the tournament starts. Very Fun!
  2. Visit our Ginormous Library. They will find you an easier boardgame to check out. Then you can put up one of our signs for Teacher Needed!
  3. Check out our Social Gaming schedule. We always teach the game before the game starts. Including Wits and Wagers, Werewolf, Codenames, Two Rooms and a Boom…Bonus! It is easy to meet other people at these events.
  4. Go to our Saturday Party. We teach all of the games before we play them and usually, we will add you to a group. We are famous for our social parties.
  5. Go to the game demos. Steven Jackson Games, Eagle Gryphon and Queen will be demoing all weekend. In addition, we will have game designers demoing their games too and they can’t wait to teach them to you.
  6. Enjoy the guests who come in costume! Sit back and watch one of the cosplay contests, adults on Saturday and kids on Sunday
  7. Try your hand at our guided Live Action Role Playing Game. Everything is provided for oyu including a gudie courtesy of the International Fantasy Roleplaying Society.
  8. Check out our Crokinole and Sorry Sliders Tournaments on Sunday, no experience required. (Really)
  9. Go to the Big Game Teach, where Jessie teaches a big group a 2019 boardgame. Was a big hit last year.
  10. Check out a Play to Win Game. Can’t figure it our easily? You may win it just for trying it out. Then you can take it home to learn on You Tube (they will teach you just about any game on You Tube).

Experienced Gamer?

CinCityCon has lots of things for you too including:
  1. Check out our tournaments, we will have lots of them. Including Catan, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic Survival, Age of Sigmar, the great Envoy Tournaments (9 of them) and more!
  2. Nearly 100 Play to Win Games available at the Library.
  3. Challenge our Library staff to help you find a game in our 2,000 + Ginormous Library!
  4. Try a RPG event in our expanded RPG area, with even more tables this year, includes: Pathfinder, Starfinder, D&D, and many independent and smaller RPGs available.
  5. Try a new game by our Independent Game Designers that will be at CinCityCon this year.
  6. Mingle with con organizers and special guests at our Saturday Night Party.
  7. Take a break and watch the Cosplay Contest, adult on Saturday and Kid on Sunday
  8. Catch a Seminar, we will have several going on.
  9. Take a look at our new Train Station this year, which will have multiple Train Game Options throughout the weekend.
  10. Teach a newbie a game.

Just remember, there is always something going on at CinCityCon. Can’t find something to do? Find one of the staff with an Ask Me hat on and we will help you out!