Boardgame and RPG Convention
Boardgame and RPG Convention

Maps and the SCC


Two days to go!!! We just wanted to give you some guidance on finding your way to and around the Sharonville Convention Center. Please be aware that there are multiple other events happening at the convention center on our weekend. There should still be plenty of parking, but be aware that there is lots overflow parking behind the convention center.

When you arrive, you will find most of CinCityCon happens in the two main ballrooms upstairs. Our Main Hall is labeled “Northern Lights” by the convention center, they are the same. Enter through the upstairs main entrance (the rounded corner) and you will be directly facing our registration. We have provided a number of maps to help guide you while you are at CinCityCon.

A few of our events are happening elsewhere in the convention center or next door at the Hyatt. You do not want to miss these:

  • Our seminars and workshops will all be downstairs at the convention center in Rooms 106 and 107.
  • The Live Action Roleplaying Gaming Oops I Lost My Marble will be downstairs in Room 108.
  • The Saturday Party will also be downstairs in Room 108.
  • Our Saturday Happy Hour and Guest Artist Drawing challenge will be next door in the Hyatt Saturday night.
  • Finally, many of our Miniatures events on Saturday and Sunday will be over in the Hyatt as well. Even if you are not playing, they are well worth the trip over to see.

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