Library Catalog Updated


As of July 1, 2018, the Ginormous Library contained 2087 unique items including over 1700 games.  And, after weeks of carefully inventorying everything, we are proud to unveil that list for you.  The entire library catalog is now available online for your review. But be warned! GenCon is just around the corner, and the CinCity Credit Card is ready to go. Not to mention the tremendous support from our outstanding publisher sponsors who want you to play their games. Given all of that, you can rest assured that we will add even more games before the convention which we will add here as we receive them. Feel free to browse the library and even recommend a title for us to add.

And to be clear, you get access to the Ginormous Library and the right to check games out simply by showing your CinCityCon badge.  There is no additional charge to use the library!

What’s more, you are welcome to run a game using a copy from our library, simply check the box indicating you need our outstanding library staff to reserve you a copy when you submit your event request.  Are you getting excited for CinCityCon?  We sure are!

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