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Lexicon 2020

Well, we hope everyone had an amazing time at CinCityCon. We’re sure your exhausted so we won;t take a lot of your time. We just wanted to remind you that if you had fun at CinCityCon, you can get involved early with our sister event in Lexington, Ky, LexiCon, by backing the LexiCon Kickstarter campaign. LexiCon includes:

  • The 2000+ library of games
  • Over 50 Learn-to-Play events featuring both the latest great games and the classics
  • All events except tournaments and parties are included in your badge cost
  • A newly renovated convention space including special event rooms and an even more expanded RPG Hall
  • Friday Night and Saturday Night parties sponsored by West 6th Brewing
  • The friendliest and funnest gaming staff in the Universe!

(Even if you don’t plan to back LexiCon on Kickstarter, head over to the Kickstarter page for some really fun and funny videos.)

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