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Boardgame and RPG Convention

Lexicon 2020 Kickstarter Live!

Lexicon 2020

For those who do not know, CinCityCon has a sister event down in Lexington, KY every spring called LexiCon. If you love CinCityCon we think you’ll love LexiCon too. LexiCon is a smaller, more curated event. While you will see the same awesome library, the same friendly atmosphere, the same emphasis on board games and RPGs, and some of the same aliens and dragons in the hall, there are notable differences as well. 

At LexiCon we offer more than 50 “Learn-to-Play” events with the best gamemasters we can find ready to teach you both the latest and greatest as well as the classics. A LexiCon, through the kind support of West 6th Brewing, we offer two riotously fun parties, one each on Friday and Saturday nights. At LexiCon, we have a big Family Day emphasis on Sunday with games, tournaments, a scavenger hunt and more.

We are telling you all this now because the LexiCon Kickstarter campaign runs at the same time as CinCityCon. You can get involved now at

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