GM Policies and Rewards


Thank you for running an event or events at CinCityCon.  People like you are who make CinCityCon possible!


By agreeing to run an event at CinCityCon, you also agree to the following:

  • You will abide by the rules of the Convention Center.
  • You will abide by the CinCityCon Code of Conduct.
  • You understand that you are not an employee of CinCityCon or anyone affiliated with CinCityCon.
  • You agree to put the safety of yourself and your players foremost, and to treat players and observers with respect.
  • You accept that CinCityCon management must make decisions, sometimes on the fly or in response to conduct violations, and will follow the direction of CinCityCon management at al times. Any disagreements or concerns will be discussed after the show.
  • You accept the philosophy that CinCityCon is about fun and fun for everyone and will endeavor to support that in all ways.

Scheduling an Event

To get your event on the schedule, you must submit it through our Run an Event page. Provided your event can be accommodated at the requested time and place and there are no conflicts with other events or the goals of CinCityCon, it will be approved and you will be notified by email.  You are welcome to schedule an event and plan to use a copy form our library.  Please make sure you are thoroughly familiar with the rules for any game you plan to run. If you plan to use our copy, check it out from the library well in advance to review and make sure all pieces are present.

Running Your Event(s)

Every event will have a game sheet available at GM HQ in the main ballroom.  GMs will pick up the sheet for each event no later than 15 minutes prior to the event.  This sheet will indicate the specific table(s) where the event will be conducted. (The event will also be listed on the tabletop sign for those tables.)  GMs should arrive at the location of their event no later than 10 minutes before their event.  If significant setup time is required, GMs should arrive in sufficient time to have the game setup prior to the scheduled start time.

GMs will not allow anyone to participate in an event who is not exhibiting a CinCityCon attendee badge.  Please note “community badges” are not attendee badges and will indicate clearly that the bearer is not eligible to participate in events.

GMs should collect the names of everyone participating in their event on the event sheet.  If it is a ticketed event, GMs should collect tickets as well. No one will be allowed to play in a ticketed event without the appropriate ticket. Tickets can be purchased online and collected at the registration desk.  In a last minute situation, the person can make the purchase online and get signoff to play from GM HQ.  NOTE: Some events are free but allow the purchase of a guaranteed seat in advance. These people will be indicated on your game sheet. Additional seats may be allocated at no cost on a first come, first served basis.

If at anytime you have a problem with a guest who is belligerent or otherwise inappropriate toward you or other players, CinCityCon does not expect or require our GMs to address the situation.  Please notify GM HQ and a CinCityCon Manager will attend to the situation.

Once your event is complete, please turn your game sheet in to Game HQ.  Tournaments should indicate the winners name and contact information. Prizes will be obtained from Game HQ either prior to or after the event as appropriate.

Please make sure your table(s) is left neat and that any table signs are returned to their appropriate place.

GM Rewards

While GMs are volunteers, they have a different reward system from our general volunteers. Attendees are more than welcome to work as volunteers and as GMs and are eligible for both reward structures commensurate with their hours volunteered for each.

Game hours are based on the expected maximum play time of a game, not the actual play time. Typically this is either provided by the publisher or by the CinCityCon Event Director.  Some events, particularly RPGs, may be assigned in blocks in which case the GM will receive credit for the length of that block.

GM Rewards are as follows:

  • All GMs will receive a digital achievement on their online account indicating their special status. (In the future achievements will be rewarded for consecutive years of GMing.)
  • If you run at least 2 events, you will be given a ticket for every four (4) hours you provide as a GM toward our exclusive GM drawing.
  • If you run at least 12 hours of events, you will be given $12 in CinCityCoin.  For each additional 4 hours you will receive $5 in CInCityCoin.*
  • If you run at least 14 hours of events, you will be upgraded to a VIP badge with access to the VIP lounge.

*CinCityCoin is a token system that may be spent on exclusive CinCityCon collectible items, at select vendors, or for advance purchase of your badge for CinCityCon 2019 at double the value of your CinCityCoin.


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