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CinCityCon: Game Pitch & Design Contest


Game Design Contest GamesDue to the success of last year’s contest, CinCityCon is pleased to announce our second annual CinCityCon Game Pitch and Design Contest


Our contest consists of a preliminary round in which two industry experts review your sell sheet and the final round at CinCityCon Friday night starting at 6:00.

Our intention is initially to review your sell sheet for readiness to present your game at the finals.  If you do not pass this stage, your money will be refunded.  We are about 2 people over a comfortable limit of presentations at the finals, so we are hoping to reduce one or two presentations, even if they are good sell sheet presentations.  At the finals, we will have your pitch for the game evaluated by publishers in the final round. Every entrant making it to the finals, will get feedback on their pitch and game. It is not our intention to complete a full run through of your game.



Eligibility Any game can be entered that includes the following:

  • You are the designer, or co-designer and the other designer(s) have given you consent to submit the game.
  • Games that have been self-published can be entered whether it was published by yourself or through a kickstarter.
  • You are able to present a maximum of two games in the contest.

Your game is not eligible if:

  • Your game won the top prize in the CinCityCon Contest before.
  • It has been published by another publishing company (that is not a proxy company for self-publishing e.g. The Game Crafter).

Games will be evaluated on the following:

Pitch – Ability to clearly state basic game theme, mechanics, and play in a short period of time.
Innovation – The mechanics are fresh and innovative; they are well-suited to the game’s experience.
Presentation – The game’s theme and experience is compelling; iconography is clear and useful. Extensive art is not necessary but can be helpful in relating the theme.
Fun – The game works as a whole package; it is appropriate for the intended audience; it incorporates an appropriate balance of luck and skill; the experience CCC Flying Pig Awardis memorable.

There will be an overall game winner. Additional awards will be announced prior to the convention.

The entry fee is $20. If you make it through the first round, you will need to purchase at least a Fri badge (also good on Sunday) or a weekend badge for CinCityCon. You can enter the contest here! Last date to submit a game for the contest is August 25th, 2018.

Contest Rules and Details The linked page addresses issues such as regional rounds, types of awards, and involvement of publishers.

Table Options
(purchase not required to participate in contest):

A Game Demo only table: $40 for the weekend (plus a weekend badge). You will be right out in the middle of our open play area. This is for designers that want feedback on their game or to demo a game to raise interest on the game. You can purchase your table here!

Game Demo and Sales table: $55 for the weekend (plus a weekend badge). You will be right out in the middle of our open play area. You can demo play test a new game and sell your own games too! You can purchase your table here!

Entrepreneur table: $40 sell and demo your games. These tables are located outside the main ballroom.

All tables include one table and chairs as needed.

Game Design Award

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