Fun Things to Do at CinCityCon!

Check out these events … Newbie Friendly! By yourself or with others.

Robot RiseDesigner’s Alley – Our Awesome mostly regional gaming community have games for you to demo in our Open Play area. CinCityCon have had a chance to play all of the games like Build A Cure, Dwarven Smithy, Diner Dare, Burglar’s Bluff, and Robots Rise and they were Fantastic!  Check them out and learn a new game!

Social Gaming – Out on the Concourse, we will have open social gaming throughout the weekend including a large Werewolf Friday night (and werewolf at other times), Wits and Wagers, Code Names XL … Check it out here:

Artemis – Command your own space ship, or be in charge of Navigation, Weapons, Science… This will be the fastest 90 minutes of fun you can have. We are offering a beginners challenge, and if you love that, step up to the advanced experience. This is our only video game and it is a good one!

Live Action Gaming– Want to learn about Live Action Role Playing and make some new Friends!  Check out this very social introductory adventure here courtesy of the International Fantasy Gaming Society!


Ohio Regional Championship Tournaments – Usually these games are taught before or during the tournament and have no additional cost.  Learn to play 9 Cool Hot Games and maybe even win a prize (like the game you just played). These include excellent games like Wordsy, Ice Cool, Pyramid Poker, New York Slice, Crokinole…

And more!…

  • Don’t miss our awesome vendors located around the main hall. These include several publishers demoing their games,
  • Stop by the Publishers area where representatives of leading game companies will be running drop in demos all weekend,
  • Take a break for Saturday lunch and participate in our Nerds in Verse sing-a-long on the concourse. Either join in the song or spend some people watching time.
  • Enjoy the costumes in our big Cosplay contests on the main stage!
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