Free Crokinole!


Every year we aim to make CinCityCon bigger, better, funner and more excitementedier than it has ever been before.  And in the coming months we will be announcing the many new attractions that we are bringing as well as highlighting favorites from previous years.  However, we wanted to take a minute and focus on just a single attraction.

We are very excited in 2018 to be able to bring you a free Crokinole Tournament!  For those who don’t know, Crokinole is a finger flicking game where players attempt to score their discs in the middle of the board.  Crokinole is the sort of game that is as relaxed or intense as the people playing it.  However in a tournament, Crokinole can be a loud and raucous event as bystanders can’t help but cheer for one side or the other; or just cheer for a disc, any disc, to be knocked out.

We will be able to run Crokinole all weekend giving everyone an opportunity to learn the game and compete to win prizes.

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