Flying Pig Award

CCC Flying Pig Award

Flying Pig Game Design Champion

Excellence in New Game Design

CCC Flying Pig Award

In 2017 CinCityCon established the 3C Flying Pig Game Design Award.  This award recognizes an outstanding new game design.  Each winner must first pass through an extensive vetting process where CinCityCon volunteers and staff evaluate a wide variety of design submissions to arrive at a short list of 4-7 finalists to be presented at CinCityCon.  During the weekend of CinCityCon, these finalists meet with leading publishers to present their games and answer questions.  Those publishers then select the best of these excellent games as the recipient of the 3C Flying Pig award.


2017 Flying Pig Game Design Champion

Evil Genius by Alex Malblanc

In Evil Genius, you are an evil brain in a jar, hell-bent on world domination, and eventually destruction. As of late, your evil archnemesis- some hack who wouldn’t know a photon resonance chamber from a hole in the ground- has been throwing a real wrench in your plans. It seems like you two spend more time foiling each other than actually taking over the world. It’s embarrassing; you’re the laughing stock of the whole evil community…AGAIN! It’s time to finish this petty quarrel. And as we all know, the only way to settle a dispute between two brains in jars is a battle of wits. Of wits and fighting robots!

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