Boardgame and RPG Convention
Boardgame and RPG Convention
I won more board games than I have tine to play.

Game Exchanges

Flea Market and Game Swap

Even the most serious of collectors and most fanatical of gamers eventually end up with games they just can’t justify holding onto. Heck, even we at CinCityCon are getting involved. CinCityCon is proud to host a flea market and game swap for our guests. And this year, we are pulling thirty games (so far) from the library shelves that we just have to let go.

If you came last year, you know what a huge success this was. More than three dozen people participated. If you missed it, here’s how it works.

Option 1) Show up at 11:00 am on Saturday, at the end of the Concourse by the carpeted stairs (look for the signs). Bring games you want to sell or swap and start negotiating. You are welcome to bring a means to display your games. 

Option 2) Same as above, but maybe you’re just building your collection so show up and shop.

Option 3) Get started in advance by participating in the Cincinnati Virtual Flea Market (VFM) and Trades. A CinCityCon supporter has set this up and there are already more than 150 games listed there! Please make sure to read and follow the rules, but this is a great way to get your sales done in advance and then just show up at the appointed time and find your buyers.

Option 4) Same as above, but since you’re still just building your collection, just go mad shopping!

Option 5) Any combination of the above.


Math Trade

We will also be completing a math trade at CinCityCon at 9am Saturday. What is a Math Trade? Basically it’s a way to swap games using a formula that rather than setting up individual trades, uses formulas to get everybody involved in one giant complex trade. In Math trades people offer the games they want to trade and then say the games they want to swap for from those on offer. The organiser uses a piece of software to maximise the number of trades.

Let’s put it another way. I have a cow, you have a goat, she has chickens. I want chickens, you want a cow, she wants a goat. in regular trading, we would have to do this:

  • I trade you my cow for your goat. You are now happy, but I never wanted a goat.
  • But I can now trade that goat for her chickens, and we are all happy.

The more people you have the more complex this gets. A math trade just does all the hard work for you, rather than you having to figure out that she has Wingspan and wants Scythe, but the guy who has Scythe wants Puerto Rico, but the woman who has Puerto Rico wants Gloomhaven, but the kid who has Gloomhaven wants CamelUp and all this time you’re just trying to unload Twilight Imperium and you’re not sure who wants that!

Math Trades: better living (and gaming) through algorithms.

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