Frequently Asked Questions

CinCityCon 2017

How many people attended CinCityCon 2017?

The simplest answer is that 624 badges were issued.  Now in fact the most people on site at any one time was Saturday afternoon when there was somewhere around 500 people on site between the Convention Center and the Hyatt.  You will note that some conventions report “turnstile” attendance; this is in essence counting each person separately for each day they attended, meaning most folks are counted three times. The turnstile attendance for CinCityCon 2017 was over 1200.  And of course some conventions just count badges which includes an often substantial number of people who weren’t even there!  By badge sales alone, turnstile attendance was 1529.

CinCityCon 2018

When will CinCityCon 2018 happen?

CInCityCon will be October 12-14, 2018.

Did the date change?

Yes, it did.  Our preference is to be in the first weekend of October.  However, shortly after we set our 2018 dates, the Gun and Knife show switched to that weekend.  And since they use up so much of the parking space at the Sharonville Convention Center, we opted to move our event to the following weekend.

Where will CinCityCon 2018 happen?

Our plan is to always return to the Sharonville Convention Center, and that is where we will be in 2018.

Can I buy a badge now?

Yes!  Over 200 people have already registered through the Kickstarter campaign. And another 200 have now pre-registered.  But Pre-Registration at discounted prices is still open.

How can I be involved between now and the convention?

We offer a number of ways for you to gear up for CinCityCon 2018.

  • Join our facebook community: www.facebook.com/CinCityCon/
  • Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/cincitycon
  • Attend any event listed on our Cincinnati-wide Meetup site for tabletop gaming events. (And if you no of any events that are not listed, let us know.
  • Become a Game Captain. If you are part of a regular gaming group, we are looking for people to be our eyes and ears on the ground at area game stores or other locations.  As a Game Captain you will receive early information on what we have planned as well as access to any of our marketing materials.  You will also be entered for a special drawing open only to captains at CinCityCon 2018. Finally, you will receive the Game Captain badge on your profile on the CinCityCon website.
  • Join our planning crew for any of our open discussions often at local breweries from June to October.  Watch facebook for announcements.
  • Suggest an event to run at the convention.  We have special rewards available for people running multiple events at CinCityCon.

How is CinCityCon different from Lexicon?

If you loved Lexicon, you will almost certainly love CinCityCon.  Lexicon is an older event run by the same team that brings you CinCityCon.  However, they are different in some important ways.  CinCityCon happens at the Sharonville Convention Center, which is a much larger venue that offers us the ability to run so many more events (we could never do Laser Tag at Lexicon!).  CinCityCon brings you the same great library, fast registration and exciting tournaments, but there is greater emphasis on offering a wide selection of events, working with game designers on upcoming great titles, and allowing our amazing guests to bring their own favorite events to the convention. CinCityCon is already larger than Lexicon and growing fast.  We are always looking for great new ideas and great new partners.  Contact us!

Wait, Lexicon? Where can I find more information about Lexicon?

www.facebook.com/lexicongaming is your best bet for finding out information about Lexicon during the off season.  As we get closer to the event, check out the official con web site at www.lexicongaming.com.  And of course if you are in Lexington, you can check out Monday nights at West 6th or Wednesday nights at The Rusty Scabbard to meet many of the regular attendees.

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