Paranoia RPG / Defragmenting the Hard drive

  • October 11, 2019
    7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Required: A round table that can comfortably sit at least 7 people (6 players max + the GM); Minimum 3 players excluding the GM.

Paranoia is an RPG run by a kind Artificial Intelligence in the vein of SHODAN, GlaDos, or the Allied Mastercomputer. As in most any futuristic science-fiction setting, the Computer has humanity’s best interests at core processor. Indeed, why should any citizen question so benevolent a ruler?

Players fall into the roles of Clones, easily replaceable and often disposed of chattel. They explore a decaying world run by a glitchy computer dictator that often causes as many problems as it once solved. It is obligated to do its best to protect its citizens, but that rule is very, very open to interpretation. In this misadventure, Players will endeavor to find out why their heretofore perfect society has begun collapsing. Well, maybe “compacting” is a better word . . .


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