ExpiredGhosts Love Candy and Munchkin Treasure Hunt

Munchkin Treasure Hunt
  • October 8, 2017
    12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Free Demonstrations at the Steve Jackson Games Tables, no ticket required.

It’s Halloween—and you’re a ghost who loves candy!  Haunt trick-or-treaters so they’ll leave you their sugary treats—collect more than your spectral opponents, and you win!  But don’t scare the costumed kids too much, or they’ll run away—and that means less candy for you!

Munchkin Treasure Hunt is a fun boardgame for up six players, ages 6 and up—now everyone in the family can be a Munchkin!  Don’t worry—you don’t need to know how to play any other Munchkin game to enjoy Treasure Hunt.  The players move around the board, and if you land on a monster use the Monster cards to find how tough it is, then roll a dice and use your Treasures to beat it!  When you run out of Treasure cards, whoever has the most gold in their hands wins the game!


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