Game Design Contest

Flying Pig
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  • October 11, 2019
    6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

CinCityCon is pleased to announce our third annual CinCityCon Game Pitch and Design Contest

Our contest consists of a preliminary round reviewing game sheets and a summary of your game and the final round at CinCityCon Friday night starting at 6:00.

Our intention is to have your pitch for the game and your game evaluated by gaming enthusiasts in the initial rounds and publishers in the final round.  Every entrant with get feedback on their pitch and game.  It is not our intention to complete a full run through of your game.

Games will be evaluated on the following:

Pitch – Ability to clearly state basic game theme, mechanics, and play in a short period of time.

Innovation – The mechanics are fresh and innovative; they are well-suited to the game’s experience.

Presentation – The game’s theme and experience is compelling; iconography is clear and useful. Extensive art is not necessary but can be helpful in relating the theme.

Fun – The game works as a whole package; it is appropriate for the intended audience; it incorporates an appropriate balance of luck and skill; the experience is memorable.

Awards:  There will be an overall game winner.  In addition, we will hand out awards for games based on originality and playability

Cost:  The entry fee is $20. If you make it through the first round, you will need to purchase at least a Fri badge (also good on Sunday) or a weekend badge for CinCityCon.  You can enter the contest here!  (Please make this a link to buying entry into the contest.)


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