Boardgame and RPG Convention
Boardgame and RPG Convention

Event Pre-registration Ended


Pre-registration for events has now ended. If you pre-registered for an event, your spot is guaranteed. If you did not pre-register for an event, you will have two options when you arrive at CinCityCon.

At any time prior to 30 minutes before the event, you may go to GM HQ and put your name down for a spot. Please note, this is only a placeholder, you must still show up at the correct table prior to the start of the event and, if required, provide the GM with a generic token*.

Your second option is to show up at the time of the event. If there are spots available, then you can provide the GM a token* to gain a seat. Please note that even if seats are not available you may choose to stick around in case there are any no-shows.

*Some events are sponsored and therefore costs have been covered by the sponsor and no token is required.

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