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Code of Conduct and Other Guidelines

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CinCityCon is just one day away! We wanted to take a moment to remind everyone what an amazing group you were last year. To have a thousand people get together and have almost no issues is a tribute to each and everyone of your awesomeness.

However, just so there is no confusion, we wanted to direct everyone to our Code of Conduct on the Web site. Most of this just boils down to:

  • Be considerate of others and don’t assume they share or should share your values on everything.
  • Don’t cheat. No, seriously. And by the way, just because you got away with it, didn’t make it not cheating (you know who you are).
  • Photography will happen. Also, be respectful when taking photographs.
  • Make sure your cosplay is safe.
  • And a few others.

Additionally, there will be other events happening at the convention center this weekend, most notably the Toy Show will be back next door, and there will be a Gem Show downstairs. Please:

  • Stay out of the space of the other events, we want their events to be successful too.
  • Be aware that some of these folks may not be familiar with the culture of gaming and related fandoms.
  • Be respectful of convention staff, they are managing a lot of very different things.
  • Be kind of guests of other events wander into CinCityCon.

We look forward to seeing everyone at what will be another incredible year . . . thanks to you!

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