CinCityCon GM Rewards Program

CinCityCon wants to recognize everyone that helps make our convention amazing, so we offer a rewards program for anyone that runs an event as GameMasters (GMs). This will allow GMs to earn rewards based on the number and popularity of events they run. GMs will collect tokens based on the participants in their events and then redeem those tokens for rewards, which includes the option of a full badge to CinCityCon 2020.

To participate, GMs must submit and receive approval for their events either through the CinCityCon Web site or through the CinCityCon event coordinators. Once approved, the events will be placed on the CinCityCon Schedule of Events and convention guests may start preregistering for those events. Events must be submitted by August 25th to fully qualify for the rewards program. Events submitted after the final deadline, may still be placed on the Schedule of Events, but the GM will not receive tokens for any preregistered participants.

At CinCityCon, every event will have a participation sheet at GM HQ. (RPG event sheets may be available at RPG HQ for convenience.) Prior to each of their events, GMs will collect their sheet from GM HQ. The names of those preregistered will be printed on each event sheet. Additional names may have been added during the weekend for any available spots or waitlist spots for the event. Hand written names are guests who have not yet paid for their events. Any guest whose name is not preprinted on the event sheet will have to pay the GM directly with tokens based on the cost of the event (usually $2). GMs will return their sheets along with the names of all participants to GM HQ after their event at which time they will receive tokens for preregistered participants. GM’s will receive 1 token for each preregistered participant; GMs will receive additional tokens based on published length of gameplay, one token for each full hour over 2.

Example 1: Marla runs 4 D&D 5e quests throughout the weekend, 1 Friday, 2 Saturday and 1 Sunday and all her players are walk-ups. Marla will collect 20 tokens from the players and an extra 8 tokens (from GM HQ) for the length of her events = 28 total tokens over the course of the weekend.

Example 2: Matias is more relaxed and runs 1 game of King of Tokyo on Friday with 3 preregistered participants. He schedules a game of Agricola on Saturday morning, but no one signs up and the game does not run. Finally, he runs a game of Patchwork with 2 walk up participants on Saturday afternoon. Matias will collect 3 tokens from GM HQ and 2 tokens, 1 from each of the Patchwork players, for a total of 5 tokens.

Example 3: Sandra is running a 3 hour X-Wing tournament which cost $6 for each participant in order to cover her prize costs. All 8 spots are sold during preregistration. Sandra will receive 9 tokens from GM HQ. She will receive the additional money to cover her prizes from the event coordinator at the end of the convention.

GMs will collect tokens for their events throughout the weekend. Tokens may be accumulated and redeemed across any number of events. Tokens can be redeemed at GM HQ as follows:

  • 2020 Badge
    • 25 tokens – 100% off
    • 20 tokens – 75% off
    • 15 tokens – 50% off
    • 10 tokens – 25% off
  • Special GM rewards
    • CinCityCon Glasses 
    • CinCityCon Dice
    • Other CinCityCon memorabilia
    • Games
    • Products from vendors
  • Cash ($1.50 per token)
  • At select vendors throughout the convention

Tokens are 100% transferable.

In some cases gaming groups or organizations may work together in providing events. Such groups are free to pool their tokens and redeem them for unassigned badges to provide GMs for CinCityCon 2020.

Thank you for supporting CinCityCon,

Greg, Larry, Chris, Rob, Travis and Jessie

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