Boardgame and RPG Convention
Boardgame and RPG Convention

CinCityCon 2021 Brief Update

CinCityCon 2021 is still going on, WOOT! We plan to open registration and vending sales mid to late July. It is on hold until we can develop our safety policies for the convention. There are many factors for us to consider. By Oct. many more people will be vaccinated, but there may be variants that could impact events like ours. Also, since another large convention is happening during this time, we may decide to be an alternate safer environment. We have several options for doing this, but do not want to sell badges to attend the convention until we can tell people what will be expected of them and us.

At a minimum, we will strongly encourage people to be vaccinated and will provide random rewards for anyone that does so. Safety is a prime concern for us at CinCityCon and as we finalize our safety precautions, we will let you know before selling badges.

It is hard to predict 3 months from now, what will be the best path, but we will do our best. Thank you very much for your patience.

The CinCityCon Gang 🙂

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