Boardgame and RPG Convention
Boardgame and RPG Convention

CinCityCon 2019

Way cool stuff is happening at CinCityCon. Get ready, but here are the highlights of what you will experience:

  • Game library of over 2000 games
  • Over 30 vendors and entrepreneurs
  • 25+ tables of RPGs running all weekend
  • Saturday Night Party!
  • Game Design Contest
  • On site catering
  • Live Action Role Playing
  • Age of Sigmar Tournamentr
  • Friday Night Magic
  • Catan Tournament
  • Pandemic Survival
  • Cosplay contests for all ages
  • Seminars on everything from how to DM to how to sew
  • Learn to paint
  • Prizes!!!
  • Games for Couples
  • VIP Lounge
  • and much, much more . . . !

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