CinCityCon 2017 Was Huge Success

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What more could we ask for?  Not much.

CinCityCon 2017 was an immense success.  With more than 620 badges issues and more than 500 physically present on Saturday and a turnstile count of over 1200, we can only say that CinCityCon 2017 was a huge success.  The Cosplay contest had almost 20 participants.  Almost a score of tournament winners were announced. And the ginormous library officially broke 1500 titles thanks to generous donations from attendees.

So, what’s next?  Look for us to start posting our tournament winners on the new Hall of Fame wall.  Also look for details about CInCityCon 2018.  And if you just can’t wait, check out our sister event, Lexicon, happening the 3rd weekend in April in Lexington, Kentucky at the Clarion Hotel and Convention Center on Newtown Pike.

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