All CinCityCon seminars are free to attendees, no additional ticket is required.

Getting Your Games Published – What You Really Need to Know

Friday 4:00 pm

Want to get your game published?  What do you need to do?  We brought in two great game designers to tell you how.  This seminar features the man who had the # 1 BoardGameGeek game Twilight Struggle for over 5 years and is currently number # 3 (Jason Matthews) and Black Orchestra one of the hottest games this year (Philip duBarry).  Find out what you need to do to game your game published by people that know.


Inside the Industry – Panel with our Publisher Partners 

Saturday 10AM

Join our publisher partners, including Bezier Games, Tasty Minstrel Games, Queen Games and more, for a question and answer session on the Board Game industry.  Fans are encouraged to attend and ask any questions about their product line, upcoming games, development processes and more.  Designers are also encouraged to attend to ask questions related to the game submission process.


Dad Game – Live!

Saturday 1:00 pm

Less yelling. More fun. Really — you can do this.

Learn how to build closer family connections, better family communication, and truly fun family times through the power of awesome board games. No MONOPOLY allowed — this is about fitting family time into busy lives and creating the kind of relationships you want.

We’ll talk about family communication and connection, look at what researchers say about making family time work, and identify types of games that work best for families of all ages. Bring your questions for host John Kaufeld!


Cosplay for Beginners

Saturday 1:00 pm

Do you want to cosplay but find it overwhelming and intimidating because you don’t know where to start or how to sew? This panel is for you! Beginners will learn how to put together successful costumes with small budgets and minimal skill level. Cosplay is for everyone! Let’s bridge the gap between wanting and doing!


Villainy Seminar

Saturday 2:00 pm

Making good villains for your games and stories is hard, and in an hour or less, Michael Satran will show you how to make your villains more fun.  Mr. Satran is an active freelance game designer who writes for High Rock Press and has designed many products for Champions and the Hero System.


Cosplay for Smiles

Saturday 2:00 pm

Cosplay For Smiles is a group of CGM Cosplayer’s that do Charity Appearances in costume at Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald houses in the Cincinnati Area, Fairs…etc  It was created by Michael Compton in a desire to do more than just Cosplay at Cons. He really loves to visiting with the Children in hospitals and Families At Ronald McDonald house.  This will be a Q& A panel to provide an opportunity for people interested in Cosplaying and those who would like to do more in cosplay within the community.