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At CinCityCon we recognize that not everyone runs a direct feed of BoardGameGeek on their television or receives Essen Spiele releases like an IV drip.  And we want to make sure everyone has a good time.  Therefore we offer several opportunities where our game experts will ease people in.

Our most popular sessions will be Games for Couples and Games Everyone Should Know.  these are 90 minute sessions where you will be introduced to a handful of games to play at home or you are likely to encounter in your gaming experience.  All are available to check out from our library.

We will also be selecting 5 Hot Games, probably GenCon releases, that we will teach throughout the weekend.  These are carefully curated to be both fun and accessible to a wide audience of gamers.

Finally, on Friday we are offering a special mass game teach where we ask as many people as possible to participate.  We will have numerous copies of a single game available and our master teacher along with his marvelous minions will teach everyone how to play from atop the Main Stage.

While we have some of these events listed now, check back in late August for the complete schedule.


Event Venue Date
Learn to Play: Patient Zero Northern Lights Ballroom
  • October 13, 2018 4:00 pm
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