Game Trades and Sales


TradersCinCityCon is reserving a space on the main Concourse for any attendees who wish to buy, sell or trade games. We will have a notice board where you can advertise your games and a table to display your wares. This will be set up all weekend just outside the doors to the main hall. Any attendees are welcome to use this space to conduct private trades and swaps.

On Saturday, shortly after 6:00 pm just after the afternoon announcements, there will be a scheduled Game Swap and Flea Market.  Attendees are encouraged to bring their games to exchange or sell.  While trading and selling is permitted at anytime throughout the weekend, this is just to have a scheduled time you can reasonably expect people to be there. Registration is not required in order to participate.

Meanwhile, in the run up to CinCityCon, there is a Virtual Flea Market happening over on BoardGameGeek.  To find out more, visit:

If you are interested in scheduling any other trades or sale and would like to use this space, please let us know at 

*CinCityCon is not responsible for any items left unattended, nor do we sanction, insure nor guarantee any trades or sales made.  All sales and trades are private exchanges between attendees and not a part of nor the responsibility of CinCityCon.

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