Twilight Creations

Twilight Creations

Twilight Creations will be on site with open demos throughout the weekend. Pay attention for the following special demos of their newest and their most popular games.Twilight Creations

Friday 5:00 Dodging Death
You must get as many of your creatures across the busy highway to score the most points. 2-4 players, 1.5 hrs.

Saturday 2:00 – Zombies!!! Team Survival
You and your buddy must make it to the helicopter before another team. 4-6 players. 1.5 hours

Saturday 4:00 – Patient Zero
It’s starting. Everyone is feeling a little off and someone started the whole outbreak. As a group, you must figure out who is Patient Zero and administer the cure before someone turns into a zombie. 3-10 players. 1 hour

Sunday 12:00 – The Haunting House
The bet is made, you are in the house. Now you must be the first one to find the back door and get out of the house. 2-6 players, 1.5 hours

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