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Saints and Scoundrels

Saints and Scoundrels – Gary Chavez

A quick, light, Pulp Detective-themed social deduction, push your luck game in a small box. Be the first to find the killer…without being driven INSANE!




Icarus ProtocolIcarus Protocol – Andy Jeter

An asymmetric game, semi-cooperative game of strategic anticipation! The artificial intelligence experiments on Kempelen Station have gone awry and a rogue AI has broken containment. It won’t be long before the AI gains control of everything; including the life support systems. It’s up to a team of officers to execute the emergency ‘Icarus Protocol’ before it’s too late.



Diner Dare – Andy Jeter

Diner Dare is a fast-paced, push-your-luck, casual card game where players dare each other to eat “exotic” foods and try to make the most money before throwing-up.

Build A CureBuild A Cure – Paul Hinton

Build A Cure is a cooperative strategy game in which you and your team avoided a nuclear explosion. The shockwave of the explosion caused the containment vials to break. It is up to you and your team to work together to build the chemical compounds to cure the diseases before you run out of resources. If you can manage to cure all of the diseases before you run out of resources, you win and can live to see another day.


The Movement – Jc Statt in association with the Peaslee Neighborhood Center

Gather some friends and work together in this cooperative worker-placement game. Coordinate the efforts of historical activists and utilize their skills to combat institutions of oppression. “The Movement” is a game and teaching tool for social justice oriented programs.

Gunfights and GamblinGunfights & Gamblin’ – Jonathan Hartzell

Gunfights & Gamblin’ pits 2 to 4 players in an epic team battle over a pioneer town. The question is: are you feeling like a pioneer, or a renegade? Do you want to build the town, or burn it down?


Burglars BluffBurglar’s Bluff – David Miller

Steal, bluff, and bank your way to the biggest treasure! David Miller of Wrinkle-free Games will demo Burglar’s Bluff, a new easy-to-learn casual card game for two to four players. Visit our table to play this exciting game, which includes a unique gameplay mechanic to protect your cards from thieving opponents.

AnterosAnteros – Keith Piggott

As the resources on earth run out, take to the stars to mine from asteroids and amass your wealth! Anteros is an abstract area control game with a unique shifting board of tiles that delivers a fun, tactile experience. Anteros has simple rules, but offers a rich tactical experience for 2-4 players in 30 – 45 minutes.



ObeliskObelisk – Eliot Hariton

Obelisk is a cooperative, tower defense game inspired by the popular Tower Defense computer game genre. Players work together using dynamic pathing to route monsters towards their specialized tower defenses.



Road RoariorsRoad Roariors – Charles Ketchum & Carolyn Ketchum

In Road Roariors, players race to the finish while avoiding obstacles and shooting projectiles, like coconut bombs, at other players. Try not to get rammed off the bridge!



Joy RideJoy Ride – Kevin Whitaker

Drive your taxi around a modular city trying to pickup and deliver passengers in your taxi faster than your opponents. Everything is happening in real-time with a timer counting down: which means you have to think on your feet.

Stacked – Tim Philips

Stacked is a trick-taking dexterity game that mixes the simplicity of Jenga-style tower-stacking with Tetris-like shapes with straightforward card play.

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