CinCityCon is offering more than a dozen tournaments for you to compete in.  All tournament winners will receive prizes as well as being recorded in the official CinCityCon Hall of Fame and forever enshrined on our Web site.  The biggest of our prizes goes to the winner of the Sunday Catan tournament, an all expense paid trip to Origins!

Pathfinder, Starfinder, Call of Cthulhu, D&D, and many, many more roleplaying games are on offer at CiCityCon. RPG events are free, but we do offer the opportunity to pay to guarantee your seat in advance.

For our first year, we want to invest in getting one thing right.  This year it is Warhammer.  We have plenty of space and appropriate tables for anyone who wants to bring their armies for any open play Miniatures.  And we will have demos and events throughout the weekend.  Our main event though will be the Saturday ITC Warhammer 40K.

Open Play
Come, play.  We will provide the tables, the chairs, the library, the snack bar and the adult bar.

The Ginormous Game Library
16 racks of games.  30+ 2017 Releases.  80% of the BGG Top 100.  Well over 1000 total games.  All for you to browse and check out.

Play to Win
Closing in on 100 Play to Win games.  All will be gone to new homes by Sunday, October 8.

Games for Couples, Games Everyone Should Know, the Top Hits from 2017; our game experts will teach you.

Game Demos
Twilight Creations, Eagle Gryphon, Steve Jackson Games, AEG, lcoal designers and more.

The CinCityCon Cosplay Contest complete with prizes and a costume party Saturday night!

Friday and Saturday, learn from experts in publishing, cosplaying and playing.

Social Gaming
Giant Werewolf, Two Rooms and a Boom, and a cascade of hilarious freudian slips.

The one thing not to miss at CinCityCon 2017.  If you don’t go, you won’t know why.