About Us


CinCityCon comes from 5 guys who really enjoy playing games and probably own more than 1,800 games between them.  We are also experienced at organizing gaming conventions including LexiCon and CharCon Boardgaming and RPG conventions.  After moving to Cincinnati, Greg Franseth met with Chris Grzywacz and talked about how to gather some of the most knowledgeable gamers they knew to come up with a new board gaming convention in Cincinnati.  Naturally we asked Travis Reynolds, founder and director of CharCon in Charleston, WV to participate; not only is he is an avid gamer, but he is a lot of fun and runs an excellent convention.  Our next step was to contact Larry Estep, avid gamer and technological whiz to join us.  And lastly, one of our most social buddies, Rob Slevin was invited in. Rob has helped make the Lexington area gamers Meetup exceed over a 1,000 people this year!

Greg and Chris founded LexiCon Tabletop Gaming Convention together, in Lexington KY in 2014.  LexiCon has grown in attendance and quality over the last 4 years and has been praised frequently for its friendly staff, organized events, and adult gaming parties sponsored by the local brewery and bourbon distillery.  Both bring a love of boardgaming, conventions, and socializing to CinCityCon.  Once they started discussing hosting a convention, others contacted them about becoming involved such as The Rook Gaming Pub,  TimeWarp, Acadecon, Eagle Gryphon Games, Steve Jackson Games, and many others. And we are just getting started!


Greg Franseth is well known in the gaming community for his gaming expertise,  The Boardgame PirateCast (podcast), being incredibly friendly, his love of trivia, and his huge personal gaming library of over 1200 games, which he is willing to share with CinCityCon attendees.  He also founded the Lexington boardgames Meetup group.

Chris Grzywacz is known for his enjoyment of popular games and gaming conventions, his daughters who regularly dominate games they play, and his wife who thinks he is a big old nerd.  He spends a lot of his free time working on CinCityCon and LexiCon, when he is not playing co-ops or deckbuilders.

Travis Reynolds has been sharing games with people and making them have fun every chance he gets for going on 3 decades.  A founder of CharCon and advocate for games in education, he has played pretty much every type of game over the years, but now spends most of his time collecting Board Games and wishing he had the time to play them all.

Larry Estep loves table-top gaming in all its forms.  He began playing RPGs in the early 1980s, has made forays into miniatures gaming, and has become an avid fan of board games.  The core of his regular gaming group has been together for over 30 years. Due to this, he hasn’t always gotten out much, but he’s trying to correct that by working with LexiCon and CinCityCon where he coordinates tournaments, RPGs and miniatures events.

Rob Slevin has been hard at work to grow the Learn to Play events at LexiCon and CinCityCon.  He has been working on building his personal library of games which he often shares at one of the many local gaming events he coordinates, and is known as the current face of the Boardgame Enthusiasts of Lexington (KY).

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