Boardgame and RPG Convention
Boardgame and RPG Convention

2019 Thank Yous

First of all, thank you for supporting CinCityCon 2019!  We had a great year, with over 10% growth from last year.  We had 901 unique attendees this year and a turnstile of 2290.  Next year, we plan to add one of the ballrooms downstairs, increasing our space by about 20%!  We were very pleased about the feedback for our changes this year!  Adding the Headquarters in the middle of the ballroom was a huge success!  It was easier for GMs to find out how many people were attending their events, attendees to find events, and an awesome resource for everyone in general.  We would especially like to thank Scott Cox scheduler coordinator, Mandy Johnson, Dayton Johnson, Lonnie Barnett, John Williams, (anyone else?) for running a fantastic HQ!  In addition to helping in HQ, Mandy coordinates our volunteers and did a fantastic job!  If you are interested in volunteering at CinCityCon next year, you can contact her at heard from our weekend volunteers that they enjoy volunteering as much as they enjoy attending other boardgame conventions.


Speaking of thanks, we want to send out a Special Thanks to Jessie Dunne, who has been with our organization since 2015, most of that time as the Director of our Giant Library.  Jessie has been responsible for most of the processes that have made use of the library check out run smoothly and we will miss her a lot!  Good luck at your new job in Portland, OR.  And THANK YOU!


Of course, Jessie could not do it alone and we also want to thank Phil Rigaud and Paul Menzel in particular for their excellent work in the library.  They are in the library almost the whole weekend, they loaded and unloaded and reloaded the library and generally just are Awesome!


Thanks to Mary Stephens for improving our Cosplay by a good bit this year.  It went very smoothly and was really fun.  Andrew Barrett was an excellent MC and made it quite the event!


We would also like to thank a few others that helped out all weekend, Emery Buterbaugh was everywhere, helping out at Registration, making announcements, leading party events, he totally ROCKS!  Our friend Anne Amsden, was everywhere too! Helping with registration, helping with Cosplay, moving games, helping with setup in just generally being awesome.  Finally, we would like to thank our great registration staff, Ally Grzywacz head of registration, Cory Storm, Fred Dorn, Megan Grzywacz, Trevin Rund.


And finally, we would like to thank all of you for attending, for providing great ideas for next year, for running events, and for just having a great time and being amazing people!

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