We love our volunteers!  Without volunteers, there is no convention!  It is that simple.  We are always looking for volunteers to help teach other people games.  If you have a game you love, please come and teach others, if you want to learn a new game, we will work with you on getting you one if you want to teach it.  We try to get a good share of the most promising games to play with people at our conventions.  We are also looking for library volunteers.  We have a great library and need volunteers to run it.  It is a lot of fun… and our library is huge, with over 1,000 games on site (and more off site people can request ahead of time).  *If you want to help with RPGs, please go to that section since RPGs GMs are a special category of volunteer.


We are also need some coordinators.  Coordinators attend a couple of meetings several months leading up to the convention and then coordinate their area during the convention.  It can be a lot of work, but it is a lot of fun!  We are looking for the following:

  • Cosplay Coordinator for Saturday evening event
  • Assistant RPG Coordinator
  • Assistant Miniatures Coordinator
  • LARPing Coordinator
  • Photographer
  • Charities Volunteer
  • Marketing Co-Coordinator
  • Meetup Coordinator
  • Game Designer Events Coordinator

So what are the rewards for being a volunteer?  Our conventions do not do the traditional trading volunteering time for discounting badges.  We find that some people only volunteer to get a reduced badge and are often not enthusiastic or motivated.  We like to reward our volunteers throughout the convention.  At a previous event we held, volunteers were able to pick out a free T-shirt from one of the vendors, we gave out games, and volunteers (depending on time helping) got meals, drinks, and convention T-Shirts.  Our volunteers come back every year so we must be doing something right!  Please contact Chris at chris@lexicongaming.com if you are interested in volunteering or being a coordinator.  We know you will have fun, we do!