Our RPG schedule is coming together nicely!

The Queen City Lodge chapter of the Pathfinder Society will be out in force to run Pathfinder as well as Starfinder! They will be running six (6) tables of games most of the weekend, including a 6-table special on Saturday night!


The great folks from AcadeCon will be running games all weekend. Check out their classic D&D games as well as Fantasy Age, Dread, FATE, Dungeon World, and Monster of the Week (powered by the Apocalypse).


We will also have Michael Satran on hand. For those who don’t know Michael, he has been developing games since 1979.  He has published a number of modules for Hero System games and will be running several sessions of Champions Complete as well as conducting a panel on developing Villains for your games.



We’ve already scheduled other games such as Dungeon Crawl Classics, Cthulhu Dark and Dungeon World and are expecting to add even more variety in the next few weeks.


D and D

We expect to have several tables of D&D Adventure League organized play as well as some Shadowrun, but at this time we have not confirmed these.



We are always looking for new and interesting games.  If you are interested in running a game, please contact our RPG organizer Larry at larry@lexicongaming.com.