Newer Gamers

Hello new gamers!  New game players are always welcome at CinCityCon.  Boardgaming (and RPGs and Miniatures, more about these later) conventions are about learning and playing new games and playing favorites with other people.  There are 1,000s of games out there and 100s that are released each year.  Many of these games were developed in Europe (usually more strategy based games) and America (usually more attack based or character based games like Marvel and DC Superheroes).  There are also many “types” of games, like the following:


PandemicCooperative Games – usually you cooperate as a team of 2 to 5 players, against the game.  Often you can vary the difficulty of the game from easy to darn near impossible.  Usually you can share your ideas and information with other players and come up with ways to defeat the game.  Fun games include Pandemic, Flashpoint, and Forbidden Desert.


Worker Placement Games – focusing on placing workers on the board in areas that produce something or give you an advantage for a turn.  Fun games include Viticulture (wine making), Stone Age (family fun), and Agricola (complex game).


Deck builder – these games focus on improving the cards in your deck that you continually draw throughout the game to improve you overall hand and gather victory points.  Best examples are Dominion, DC Deck builder (DC superheroes game), and Legendary Alien (based on the Alien movies, intense and very fun!)


Resource Gathering – this is similar to the worker placement, where you get to gather needed resources to gain Victory Points or advantages.  Settlers of Catan is the best know version of this.


Map related games – these games are based on traveling a map to reach certain goals or building rails or trails around a map.  Ticket to Ride…


Other Gaming Convention Activities include:


RPGs – RPGs have come a long way from the initial Dungeons and Dragons most people know!  There are now many great versions of Role Playing Games that can involve superheroes, Dr. Who characters, Steampunk worlds, as well as the more traditional fantasy based lands.  Role Playing Adventures often take several hours with an intricately created environment and each participant as a very specific character in the current story.  It can involve a lot of battle or almost no conflict, depending on the type of RPG.  A good Dungeon Master (someone that makes up a scenario for the group to explore) and imagination are important for enjoying RPGs.  Good examples are Pathfinder, Shadowrun,  Savage Worlds.


Dungeon Crawl GameMiniatures – Miniatures as a category often refers to miniature war games of various sorts that can be fantasy based, militarily based modern and historical.  These games involve miniaturized players or war machines (e.g. tanks, catapults) that can be moved around modeled terrain, usually playing against one other opponent (but there are variations where more than two people can play at a time).  Usually participants get as much enjoyment out of finding or making and painting the figures, buildings and topography as they doing actually playing the game.  Usually these games are more involved in their play and rules.  Good examples of these are Warhammer, War Machine, Hordes, X-Wing, Flames of War, Zombiecide (a board game miniatures mix).


Ginormous Boardgaming Library – We will have over a 1,000 boardgames in our gaming library available for check out.  Our gaming library is a chance to look through and play recent and past board games that you are interested in checking out.  Our gaming library is always popular and gives you a chance to see what kinds of games are available for you to play.  We will even be glad to make some recommendations if you give an idea about your interests.  While many conventions will report having “large“ game libraries of 200, 350, or a “huge” amount of 500 games; we will have over a 1,000 games available.  Our actually library is over 1,400 boardgames, but some of the games are delicate or rare.  These are available to play too, but should be requested ahead of time, to avoid needless wear and tear travel puts on our more difficult to find or delicate games.


Learn to Play – We will have volunteers teaching a selection of new games as well as popular older games.  Many of these games will be taught by employees of the company who sells the game.


Play to Win – Play to Win a game is a very popular activity that we offer.  We anticipate game publishers will donate over 50 games to our convention, so that people will play their games and get the chance to win a copy of a game they played.  Publisher want you to get a chance to put your hands on their games and see if they are worth purchasing them, but as an incentive, anyone that tries their game during the convention, are entered in a drawing for that game!  We have had a lot of great games given away in the past at our other conventions and this is a great way to walk out of the convention with an awesome game of your own.


LARPs – Live Action Role Playing or “LARPs” are a fun way to meet other people that share you interests and you get to physically act out your role in a predefined world.  Past LARPing has involved Dr. Who, Vampires, and Superheroes.  Often activities happen throughout the convention, with more significant meetings happening in the evening.


Lexicon Cosplay
Cosplay from Lexicon

Cosplay – Cosplay usually refers to dressing up like a character.  For our convention, it means that we are open and welcoming of all sorts of dress up, which is just one item that makes us a convention.  Everyone enjoys seeing a well-made costume!  But also, it is fun to see participation from everyone in some sort whether it is a fun T-shirt or hat to a full blown homemade costume!  Not only does CinCityCon enjoy people participating in the spirit of the convention, we reward people for it by giving out tickets for a door prize drawing Saturday evening.  In addition, we will be hosting a Cosplay Contest on Saturday evening with prizes in several categories.  Details to follow soon under the Cosplay tab.


If you want more information on some specific games and events at the convention, please look at the experienced gamers tab for details or a particular tab that will add events as the year goes on.


Just remember the best thing about a gaming convention is the people and there are often people looking to teach or play a game you may be interested in playing.  So come on and join the gang and have some fun!