Game Designers

With CinCityCon, we finally have the space to put on a convention that is everything you want in the future of Game Design.  We would love to see CCC grow into the premier event for discussing and playtesting the design of new games.  If you are a gamer who wants to see what’s new, just look for our specially designated designer tables.  If you are a designer, we have multiple opportunities for you.

CinCityCon Game Design Contest – This contest is a great way to get feedback from players as well as experienced members of the community.  Please read the rules as you will need to bring your game to a preliminary round in order to be advanced to the finals at the convention.  Entry fee is $20. 

Price Qty
Game Submissionshow details + $20.00 (USD)  

Game Demo Tables – Once you have purchased your badge, you may add a game design table for $40.  You will get a table in our open play area where you can demo and playtest your game with guests all weekend.  Sales, including pre-sales even by directing guests to a Web site are not permitted from these tables. 

Price Qty
Game Designer Tableshow details + $40.00 (USD)  

Vendor Booth – If your game is in pre-sales or about to launch on crowdfunding, please consider purchasing a Vendor Booth.  You will have a location directly in either the RPG Hall or the general gaming Hall.

Also note that CinCityCon staff attend many game designer events, including the last Friday of every month at The Rook in Over-the-Rhine, so feel free to approach our folks and ask any questions.  See you in October!